Launch YC: Keep 🗼 Open source alerting CLI

We Keep you alert

Keep is open-source alert management 🚨 tool built by developers, for developers.

FULLY open-sourced.

Setup your own alerts in 5 minutes: see our examples.


These are some of the providers we integrate with:


Let's fight alert-fatigue

Alert deduplication and AI that learns your environment and helps you reduce noise & focus on real business-impacting issues.

Single pane of glass

Control and manage all your alerts in a single source of truth. Create more actionable, context-rich alerts with clear ownership and business impact.


As simple as this →

Start for free and scale with the Business plan. With Keep, you can have your ALL alerts managed, controlled, and monitored in a single-centric place.

Open Source

$0 /month

  • Context enrichment
  • Built-in integrations
  • Out-of-the-box providers
  • Alert-fatigue meter (coming soon)
  • Alerts de-duplication (coming soon)
  • Playbook automation (coming soon)



$20 /seat/month

  • Everything in Open Source
  • Single pane of glass
  • Alerting dashboards
  • Managed cloud version
  • Alerts marketplace



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