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Keep's integration system stands out from the rest. It's not just webhook-based but also bidirectional and subscription-based, ensuring objects are always in sync. Our dedicated team and an open-source community of over 50 contributors constantly refine, enhance, and maintain integrations.

Step 1: Integrate (OSS, Cloud, Enterprise)

Single pane of glass, grouping

All the alerts and signals Keep collected will be available for your team in a single pane of glass. Common Express Language enables advanced querying, slicing, and analysis, while rule-based grouping helps fight the noise.

Step 2: Collect & QUERY (OSS, Cloud, Enterprise)
Consolidate your alerts
Improve your operational efficiency

Workflow Engine

Keep has a YAML-based GitHub Actions-like workflow engine.

You can query MySQL, enrich alerts with query results, update tickets in Jira, and even run some Python. The Workflow Engine is the core for automating Incident remediation and bringing together multiple corporate systems. It’s the glue that holds everything together.

Check GitHub for a YAML example, or sign in to Cloud to play with the Workflow Builder.

Step 3: Automate (OSS, Cloud, Enterprise)

AIOps, next-gen alert correlation

For enterprises dealing with thousands of daily alerts, Keep provides alert correlation based on past incidents and the knowledge base. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI, it is constantly improving with a friendly feedback loop.

Step 4: AIOPS for real (Keep enterprise only)
alert fatigue

Experts talk about Keep

Your approach to handling the data makes much more sense than most of the approaches I've seen.

You immediately chew the raw data to metadata and feed it directly to your AI rather than requiring everything to be forced through indexers and manually sliced up into standard fields before letting the AI come to the table. It seems like a really cool approach, and I'm excited to see what you guys can do with this tech.

Keith Crawford, NoTraffic

NOC Manager
Kansas City, Missouri, United States

The company's commitment to open source is unique and disruptive for the AIOps market.

Moshik Eilon,

Group Tech Lead
Tel Aviv, Israel

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Popular Open Source toolbox for alerts:
- Alert storage
- Workflow engine
- Enrichment
- Rule-based correlation
- Integration with popular alert sources
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